Quantitative Aptitude Questions

Quantitative (Maths) Questions are very important section in all most all of the competitive examinations. If you are up to crack any of the competitive exam like SSC, IBPD, RRB, RBI, UPSC and more are listed, you need to first strong your quantitative analysis section. It is tough to start but very scoring section and helps candidates to grade up their report card. While preparing for Quantitative Analysis, do not left any topic because every topic has its own criteria and marking in different competitive exams.   

Quantitative Analysis Section

There are different topics covered under Quantitative Analysis Section:

Number System Pipes & Cisterns
Work and Time Time and Distance
Distance and Direction Mensuration
Percentage Sequence and Series
Trignometry Profit and Loss
Algebra Compound & Simple Interest
Ratio & Proportion Boats & Streams
Permutation and Combination Discount
Symbols & Notations Indices and Surds


Questions on Quantitative Analysis

Here, you get all aptitude questions on topic Quantitative Analysis. The topics cover in above section of Quant that are repetitively asked in competitive exams like IBPS, UPSC, SSC are Boats and Streams, Compound Interest, Direction and Distance, Profit and Loss, Pipes and Cisterns, Symbols and Notations, Percentage, Work and Time, Time and Distance. More Questions on Quantitative Analysis on left topics are updated soon. Stay updated…!