Idiom | Phrase - Question Bank

Q 1. He took his father’s advice to heart.

  1. casually
  2. patiently
  3. seriously
  4. quietly

Q 2. The young boy was kicking his heels inspite of his mother’s stern warnings.

  1. playing happily
  2. kicking someone
  3. forced to wait
  4. passing a gesture of disrespect

Q 3. Tagore was a man of letters.

  1. of wide contacts
  2. an excellent letter dictator.
  3. a great writer of letters.
  4. proficient in literaterary art.

Q 4. His friend beat the boy to pay off old scores.

  1. to refund old dues.
  2. to take revenge.
  3. to force him to be a scorer in a match
  4. because he had not scored well earlier.

Q 5. to make both ends meet

  1. to buy costly articles
  2. live a luxurious life
  3. to live within one’s income
  4. to please all people